SAKURA SERIES | Omamori Amulet | KUROMI Lucky Charm – “Healthy”


SAKURA SERIES – KUROMI Lucky Charm “Healthy” – meaningful gift for everyone you love!

What is included?
A beautiful Sakura Series embroidery Omamori Charm – Kuromi.

What is Omamori?
Omamor is Japanese traditional amulet/ lucky charm, where you can usually find at temples and shrines. People believed that Omamor can protect them from “evil”, “bad luck”,  “disease” and “disaster”. On the other hand, Omamor make wishes for “good luck”, “good health”, “prosperity & wealth”, “good relationship”, “drive safety” etc. Japanese people usually keep Omamori inside their wallet/ bag/ car. This beautiful embroidery amulet can also be used as a unique home decor.

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